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This definitive annotated translation of Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations is an insightful look into the mind of Ancient Rome’s sixteenth emperor.

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Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121-180 CE) was once the sixteenth emperor of Rome—and by far probably the most powerful man on the earth. Yet he was once also an intensely private person, with a wealthy interior life and some of the wisest minds of his generation. He collected his thoughts in notebooks, gems that have come to be known as his Meditations. Never intended for publication, the work has proved an inexhaustible source of wisdom and one of the vital necessary Stoic texts of all time. In incessantly passionate language, the entries range from one-line aphorisms to essays, from profundity to bitterness.

This annotated edition offers the definitive translation of this classic and much beloved text, with copious notes from world-renowned classics expert Robin Waterfield. It illuminates some of the greatest works of popular philosophy for new readers and enriches the understanding of even probably the most devoted Stoic.

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