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Holy Week: Wisdom & Courage Beyond Easter Customs


Happy Holy Monday everyone!!! As Holy Week unfolds, please know this is the perfect time to delve into Scripture and absorb its empowering wisdom and igniting courage. The Holy Week narrative encourages us to unearth the dormant treasures found within these sacred passages. Growing up, Easter was typically the only day celebrated by my family, marked by Easter bunnies, egg hunts, and my favorite white chocolate bunnies. However, I am eager to study each day and maximize my focus on Holy Week with my kids, revealing the deeper significance that goes beyond these familiar traditions.

Embracing Wisdom: Holy Week’s Depths

Holy Week offers a unique opportunity to explore Jesus’ passion, crucifixion, and resurrection. By examining Scripture, we uncover truths to guide our decisions, promote understanding, and foster compassion. Holy Monday, often associated with Jesus’ cleansing of the temple, reminds us of the importance of spiritual devotion and the need to rid ourselves of worldly distractions. This connection with Holy Monday helps us appreciate the depth of wisdom found within the sacred passages, transcending our customary Easter celebrations.

Igniting Courage: Jesus’ Example

Holy Week ignites courage within us as we reflect on Jesus’ unwavering resolve in the face of suffering. His actions during Holy Week, from his triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to his crucifixion, inspire us to face our own challenges with courage and faith.

Engaging with Holy Week

To fully engage with Holy Week, commit to regular study, reflection, and prayer. Start with Palm Sunday, followed by Holy Monday, focusing on the significance of Jesus’ actions and their relevance to our lives. Participate in Holy Week services to deepen your connection with the sacred narrative, and share this experience with your children to create a more meaningful family tradition that goes beyond Easter bunnies and egg hunts.

Call to Action: Ignite Your Inner Wisdom and Courage

My friends, let’s dive into the profound journey of Holy Week, starting with Palm Sunday and progressing through Holy Monday and beyond. Let the wisdom and bravery demonstrated by Jesus inspire and uplift you, and spread that energy within your family and close friends. By fully immersing ourselves in the entire Holy Week story, we can deepen our loved ones’ understanding of Easter, uncovering its true spiritual essence that goes beyond the familiar traditions of white chocolate bunnies and egg hunts.

Seize this moment to revolutionize your life and the lives of those around you by learning from the potent teachings of wisdom and courage found in the Holy Week narrative.

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