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A searing and “magisterial” (Cornel West) history of American racial exploitation and resistance, told throughout the turbulent past of the town of St. Louis.

From Lewis and Clark’s 1804 expedition to the 2014 uprising in Ferguson, American history has been made in St. Louis. And as Walter Johnson shows in The Broken Heart of America, the town exemplifies how imperialism, racism, and capitalism have persistently entwined to corrupt the nation’s past.

St. Louis was once a staging post for Indian removal and imperial expansion, and its wealth grew at the backs of its poor Black residents, from slavery through redlining and urban renewal. However it was once once also The usa’s most radical city, home to anti-capitalist immigrants, the Civil War’s first general emancipation, and the nation’s first general strike—a legacy of resistance that endures.

A blistering history of a city’s upward push and decline, The Broken Heart of America will endlessly change how we take into accounts america.

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